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Metis Machine is looking for motivated, smart and enthusiastic people to join the team. Work at a place where you truly matter and where you can effect real change. Plus we are solving hard problems and shipping code, which is always fun.



Metis Machine is a Charlottesville, VA based start-up whose mission is to create the Data Analytics 'easy-button'. We are building a full-stack end-to-end Data Analytics platform that brings a suite of API's and tools so any engineering team can leverage Machine Learning and AI to any infrastructure or software.

Our team of experienced Data Scientist, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Engineers and UX Engineers are removing the tedious and often frustrating work of doing Data Science and wrapping it in a scalable and robust platform that keeps the hard stuff out of the way.  Our customers can focus on applying Machine Learning and AI to better their products, operations, apps, and software thanks to our hard work - which we happily do.


Metis Machine is about assembling the best team on the Planet to solve hard problems in the space of Machine Learning and AI. There are no egos allowed here - only the desire to design and ship great software and deliver the best experiences and products to our customers. We value and reward craftsmanship, passion, and intelligence. 

We believe in continuously improving our craft and helping our fellow team member through any problem. Metis Machine offers a work environment that encourages and supports ingenuity and truly listens to any idea or thought that improve the company, our product, or our customer's success. It is a place where everyone - from the intern to the CEO - can effect real change.


  • Major bragging rights :)
  • The best downtown office in Charlottesville, VA (or best remote job - ever)
  • A competitive salary with full health, dental and vision
  • A MacBook (and other ‘get work done’ stuff)
  • Paid (and required) vacation
  • Stock options on the 'ground floor'
  • A paid professional conference of your choice every year

Join Our Team. Make A Difference.


DevOps Engineer

Full-time, co-located or remote


Metis Machine is looking for a motivated, high-energy and enthusiastic personality to join the team as a Junior or Mid-level DevOps Engineer for our early-stage AI-as-a-Service  platform company.


What you'll be doing

  • Work with the CTO and Data Science team to bring our vision of the ‘easy-button’ for Data Intelligence and make it a reality.
  • It turns out that it is a hard problem to move loads of data through a system. We need your help to figure out how to do this reliably and securely at an enterprise scale. 😀


Data Scientist

Full-time. Co-located or Remote

Metis Machine is looking for a motivated, high-energy and enthusiastic personality to leverage the Metis platform to fuse, model, and cajole open and customer data sets into actionable insights that can be delivered via API.

What you'll be doing

  • Building awesome models, big, small, deep learning (or not), you pick the best tool
  • Identifying and creating the data transformations that move the needle for our customers
  • Identify missing revenue opportunities
  • Predict the future!
  • Working with the engineering team to get your work into production on the Metis Machine platform
  • Writing blog posts and other outreach about the awesome stuff you build


Server-side Engineer

Full-time. Co-located or Remote

Metis Machine is looking for a motivated, high-energy and enthusiastic personality to help build out a variety of solutions that are quite challenging. Everything from API/Graphql endpoints to handling mass quantities of data.

What you’ll be doing

  • Maintain existing functionality, tools and frameworks

  • Implement new functionality, tools and frameworks

  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure correct implementation

  • Optimize code for performance, usability, accessibility

  • Write clean, organize, and documented code

  • Write tests for integration and usability

  • Assist in peer code reviews

Required skills

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Highly proficient in Elixir or Erlang

  • Ability to read and understand Python

  • Ability to work fast and get shit done

  • Experience with Git

  • Enjoying the taste of your own dog food

Nice to haves

  • Solid foundation in design and usability principles

  • Working experience with JavaScript

  • System experience with Linux, Kubernetes, Kafka, etc.

  • A Github account with something for us to look at



Data Engineer

Full-time. Co-located or Remote

Metis Machine is looking for a motivated, high-energy and enthusiastic personality at the intersection of software development, data science, and devops. The Lorax speaks for the trees, you speak for the data; take care of it.

What You'll be doing

  • Building and optimizing data flows through the Metis platform
  • Working with both the engineering and data science teams to bring advanced analytics and models to market, at scale
  • Wrangling Spark, Cassandra, AWS clouds, external data, and internal models to deliver data via the Metis Machine API that will move the needle for customers


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